Location: Colon St. Cebu City, Philippines

Business sector: Education

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The University currently has 500 above teachers and employees. And the school has also 8 satellite schools scattered all over the province of Cebu. We approximately have 20,000 students in one academic year. There are 4 programmers involved in the computerization enhancement of the university.

Usage of Firebird

We have used InterBase since it was still V5.5 and switched to Firebird V1.5 in our Registrar and High School Department in conjunction with the M.I.S. Department's AS/400 server to further enhance the university's automation processes. The Firebird database holds our Transcript of Records of Students and Advanced Credits. We also use Firebird in our Medical School which is the Gullas Medical Center for handling the in/out patient's records and their transactions.

Why we use Firebird

We use Firebird because it has a lot of features that other database systems lacks. It is fast even when served on a Clone PC with 512MB RAM with as least 10 Users connected to it daily. Currently the Firebird Databases has been up since 2003 and no database failures except for hardware issues have occurred. We always have licencing problems for closed source database systems, so we use Firebird as an alternative and yet deliver the same results that DB2 and MSSQL can offer.

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