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Location: Popayan, Colombia

Business sector: Educational Sector



Our enterprise is located in Popayán City, Colombia. We develop software for the Educational Sector and for other enterprises too. One of our products called Académico 2 uses Firebird. Académico 2 is a product used by schools which allows them to manage and control of their academic information. Most of our clients use Académico 2, and they are very content, since they have seen a improvement in the performance over previous versions of Académico. Firebird is used in server mode and also in embedded mode on Windows. The size of the database for some clients is approximately 300 MB. Our enterprise is also doing other projects using Firebird but to date they are not yet available.

Why we use Firebird

The performance of our application in the production environment is very good. Additionally all our clients have the possibility to connect to the database from any workstation in their network and also get good results. When the users are using Académico 2, they feel an they have an application delivers results on time.

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