Firebird Server Guard wide


IBPhoenix provides Firebird support at three levels: Standard, Extended and Premium.


This level of support is ideal for all Firebird users and application developers who need basic assistance deploying a Firebird server or building applications that use Firebird.

Service details:

  • Available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Answers to all questions about Firebird functionality and configuration
  • Provided via e-mail
  • Response time max. 2 business days


This level of support is ideal for all Firebird users and application developers who need assistance in troubleshooting Firebird server deployments.

Service details:

  • All of Standard plus...
  • Assistance with all issues related to Firebird deployment
  • Provided also via on-demand video / conference calls
  • 10% discount on all IBPhoenix products
  • Firebird bug fixing, custom builds etc. - paid separately
  • Response time max. 1 business day


This level of support is ideal for all Firebird users who need active assistance in ensuring the smooth functioning of their Firebird server(s), or application developers with a strong commitment to Firebird technology who need active assistance in designing and implementing optimal applications using Firebird.

Service details:

  • All of Extended plus...
  • Assistance with creating an optimal and reliable Firebird server deployments (performance optimization, backup scheme, health monitoring, etc.)
  • Assistance with setting up the Firebird deployment
  • Assistance with optimal database or application design & implementation
  • For the duration of the contract, free access to Firebird tools and plugins developed by IBPhoenix for use within the organization
  • EmberWings magazine published by IBPhoenix
  • Service includes maintenance of custom builds, bug fixing is paid separately


The minimum period of service provision is one month.

Firebird Support Pricing
Level Monthly Yearly
Standard € 400 € 3000 (save 150 per/m)
Extended € 1000 € 9000 (save 333 per/m)
Premium € 1500 € 12000 (save 500 per/m)

You can purchase support via bank transfer after you send us an order. Support for one month is also available from our store.


Many applications would benefit from a performance, database design, debugging, or application design review. For on-site assistance to help you implement your development projects, we offer the expertise of the IBPhoenix Consulting Team.

Paid by Purchase Order.

On-Site Training

IBPhoenix offers a two to five-day comprehensive training course taught at your own location anywhere in the world, for a maximum of 12 students. On-site training is a cost-effective method of providing training to a number of employees.

Price includes training material, and instructor costs. But does not include reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

Prices vary from € 3,000.00 to 5,000.00 euros per day according to the content (defined by you) and the number of students.

Paid by Purchase Order.

Engineering Services

IBPhoenix can provide with engineering resources to add new functionality or fix immediate problems with the Firebird source code. We can also assist you in certifying or porting Firebird to a new platform or version of an operating system.

Price: Dependent on the engineering request and the work that is involved.

Paid by Purchase Order.

Database Repair

IBPhoenix has tools to fix many types of corruption in both InterBase and FireBird databases.

Price: € 390.00/2 hours, 2 hours minimum. Then € 195.00 per hour until the repair is completed.

Paid by Purchase Order.