Location: Australia.

Business sector: Press.

website: www.examiner.com.au/index.asp


The Examiner Newspaper is Australia's second-oldest newspaper, first appearing on March 12, 1842. We use Firebird for a variety of core-business processes, from web-based information gathering from advertising clients, to internal CRM and Directory services.

The need arose for a database with a proven track record, stability, and performance under unpredictable loasd. With about 200 workstations in 7 sites, our data storage needs had to be available 24 by 7, as a newspaper relies on the data it receives - No data, no newspaper.

Why we use Firebird

Firebird, with it's 20 years of growth and enterprise use, was the ideal choice for our organisation. Now with 5 databases collectively storing ~3GB of data, not a single minute has been lost due to administration time. Firebird has proven itself to be the right choice for us.

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