Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Business sector: Content Resource Management (CRM)

website: www.fortecrm.net


The Forte CRM products use the Firebird embedded engine as a key component of a suite of scalable, internet-based CRM tools. The compact client component runs with a local Firebird backend and can be stand-alone, as Forte CRM Solo. The Forte CRM server component has a PostgreSQL backend currently, to take advantage of its text-searching capabilities, providing an optional, searchable "mega" resource for the web-based Solo clients, thus scaling the product to hundreds of users. Local and server searches can be " permissioned" and synchronised. The Solo client component's Firebird backend makes it particularly tolerant of connectivity interrruptions.

It is also possible to have the server component built for a Firebird backend.

The Forte CRM Solo client/stand-alone component is distributed free.

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