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Location: Palermo, Italy.

Business sector: Hospital Information Systems, Decision Support Systems.



Euristic provides Hospital Information Systems in Italy and in the United States. Distinctive features of the product are Report generation in natural language and the integration with Decision Support Systems (Expert systems).

Usage of Firebird

We have been using Firebird since 1999. Our database structure is very complex (over 450 tables, over 100 stored procedures and hundreds of triggers) and the average size of our customer databases is about 1GB and growing. We are satisfied with the performance of Firebird and are now waiting for SMP version. We install the embedded engine for single user versions. Deployment is on Windows XP for single user or small groups and Linux for bigger systems.

Why we use Firebird

Firebird is fast and feature rich. The cost of installation/maintenance is low and the performance/price ratio is hard to beat. We like being part of a developing community along with the continuous bug fixing and release of updated versions.

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