Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Business sector: Trading

website: ` <http://>`_


Company distributes newspapers, magazines, CDs and DVDs to retailers.

Usage of Firebird

Company has in-house developed software "La Stampa" for tracking all that is important (suppliers, goods, buyers, retailers, transport, finances, reports, statistics, estimations, etc..). Software has been in constant development for more than four years and we have used Firebird for about a year. We had plans to start using Firebird three years ago, but we had some specific problems which forced us to stay with our current system.

We are using Super Server on Win XP Pro. Database currently has 33 domains, 41 tables, 2 views, 15 SPs, 33 triggers, 22 generators and uses about 10 user defined functions. There are three users, one of them on dial-up connection. We do not use extensively the database security system, because we do not have a need for it. Daily there are about 20000 database operations. Database size is currently more than 100mb and growing. We do not use shadowing, but have an automatic daily backup and archive procedure.

We have never had any problems caused by the database server or database corruption.

Why we use Firebird

The main reason for using Firebird is its feature richness, not seen in similar products. It is also free. We have seen its speed and stability improve over the last couple of years. There are a lot of great tools, free or commercial, for Firebird administration and development and it is well documented too. I have used Firebird since it started open source. I have watched the project grow grow, from first steps to what it is now. I have seen the first bugs, and the first bug fixes. Every day I have enjoyed watching the project grow.

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