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Location: Main Office: Canary Islands, Spain.

Business sector: Urban Pest Control and Wood Treatment.



We have our headquarters as described above and a branch office on the island of Fuerteventura, with a total of 25 employees including 1 programmer and hardware/software consultant and supporter on the staff of the company. The computer network includes one server (web, e-mail, database, files and printers) and nine client computers in the headquarters and three computers in the branch. We have plans to deploy a VPN over broadband internet connections between the two locations in a maximum period of two months.

Usage of Firebird

There is a Firebird-based purchase and supplies control program currently running since February 2004 and we are currently developing and transferring the main management program from Access to Firebird. The database size of this program is about 20Mb at the moment and increasing fast. There are eight concurrent users (seven hours per day) in the headquarters and three in the branch all of then doing reads and writes. The initial plan is to deploy two independent databases for each program in the two locations but the ideal solution is to share the same database.

Why we use Firebird

Well, we are a young company and have been using Access from the beginning and now the LAN has grown. So we need a better and real client/server database other than Access. Most of real, good commercial databases are too expensive for us so we looked at the free side and found Firebird. We think that Firebird is perfect for us: reliable, stable, fast, low-cost and with small footprint. And not so hard to learn!

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