Location: Caloocan City, Philippines.

Business sector: Manufacturing.

website: ` <http://>`_


We use Firebird in our Client/Server application and also use the Embedded Version. We also use Firebird in our consolidated database server in 13 branches as historical data.

Usage of Firebird

We started to use the Interbase v6.0 (Open Source version), when the Firebird projct release version 2 (even when it was in beta) I started to migrate my database in Firebird, and we are happy to say that our application is more than 30% faster. Now our database is almost 1.1Gb in size and still growing, and we are running Firebird V.20 Release Candidate 2.

Why we use Firebird

We use firebird because of its powerful stored procedures, triggers and even view capabilities. It is also more reliable than any other Relational Database on the market today, and finally it is Free and Open Source to the public.

We studied other relational databases MySQL, PostgreSQL and other open source databases and only Firebird had a full set of features. Now we are planning to use Firebird as our database in our web applications.

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Users of Firebird