Location: Calicut, Kerala, India.

Business sector: Healthcare, Document Imaging and SMS gateway.

website: www.softwareassociates.co.in


Sainfotech provides mid range ERP solutions to hospitals and nursing homes across the world, develops bespoke applications for logistics and builds products for document management and SMS gateway engines, it also provides out sourced web development services to organisations globally.

Usage of Firebird

We have been using Firebird since early 1999 and the experience to date has been quite satisfying. Deployment is either on Windows 2000 or Linux (even Windows 98). The embedded version is quite versatile and is used for our standalone products. We support customers over a 2000 km sq area and the largest client database is to the order of 1.5 GB. Clients wonder how we are able to demo a Client/Server suite from a pen drive.

Why we use Firebird

Firebird is easily wrappable along with your applications using Innosetup. Our customers are typical SME's, having no in house technical personnel and it is easy to provide them with a fast and database reliable engine with hardly any problems regarding corruption. Clients appreciate features such as online backup and the flexible WYSIWYG report writer that we provide with our applications. Portability and scalability gets the maximum priority as new workstations are added often. Currently we are re-doing some of the applications using Kylix and IBEpress, so as to support thin clients under Linux.

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Users of Firebird