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Location: Novaliches Quezon City (Philippines).

Business sector: Food Manufacturing (Snack Food Products).

website: ` <http://>`_


We have our headquarters as described above and a branch office/plant on the island of Mindanao, Philippines, with a total of 800 employees including a sole programmer on the branch office/plant. The computer network includes one server (database, files and printers) and five client computers, at the moment.We have plans to deploy a broadband internet connections between the two locations as soon as the applications are stable.

Usage of Firebird

There is a Firebird based material inventory and accounting system program that has been running since May 2004. The size of the database is about 40Mb at the moment. There are currently four users (12 hours per day) in the branch office. The database is designed to be shared by users on a network or in a stand alone environment.

Why we use Firebird

Our Head of IT has had years of experience using Firebird. However another reason is that most of real, good commercial databases are too expensive but produce the same results with Firebird. Firebird is free and open source, which is perfect for company like us who aims for a low-cost, reliable, stable, fast, easy to learn and easy to maintain SQL Server.

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