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Location: Athens, Greece.

Business sector: Point of Sales, Invoicing, Customer and Stock management.



Our main software package, named Boss, is targeted to small businesses that need to manage their customers, stocks, accounts, orders and every other information regarding their daily business. It also includes basic contact management. The software is modular to cover even most specialized requests by users and very scalable in order to handle distributed locations with automated syncronization-replication mechanisms.

Usage of Firebird

Firebird is being used as the main database storage for Boss. There are numerous installations from a single user to tens of users distributed around several sites. The great features of Firebird alow us to make syncronization-replication easy.The largest database (single file) is about 500 MBytes and replicates with 5 distributed retail stores.

Why we use Firebird

There are many reasons for choosing Firebird. Just to name some:

  • Simplicity.
  • Stability and reliability.
  • Feature rich.
  • Community support.
  • Performance.
  • Integration with our development tools (Delphi with FIBPlus and .NET providers).
  • Licensing.

Since the first installation of Firebird around 2001, we haven't had any incidents regarding the database. We don't even spend time maintaining it. It's magic. After several years of using Firebird we know we have made the right choice and we wouldn't change it for anything else. Congratulations to all that contribute for this great software.

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