Location: Kleinostheim, Germany.

Business sector: Heat Transfer Printing.

website: www.tfx.de

Usage of Firebird

Transfertex GmbH, has been using InterBase, and then Firebird, since 1993 in many worldwide projects on a number of different platforms, e.g. Linux, HPUX, MacOSX (Powerbooks) and Windows. Firebird runs our mission critical 24x7 main database for the whole company. Using our in-house developed integrated ERP systems and product catalogue applications. All applications have been developed using the following: 4GL, C ,C++, CFML and Java.

Why we use Firebird

It runs incredibly well as an unattended, low administration database, as well as being highly versatile, stable and rock solid. Transfertex recommends the support and maintainance offered by IBPhoenix especially if you are running Firebird in a mission critical production environment.

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Users of Firebird