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Location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Business sector: Enterprise Content Management


Usage of Firebird

Docunym is a web browser based enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow system. The system was designed and developed using the latest technology to offer a no-install, easy to use web interface paired with a powerful processing server which can scale to handle millions of documents and concurrent workflow. Docunym web ECM allows secure document sharing and business process automation across multiple business locations. Docunym can be installed to run from a hosted provider (SaaS or cloud model) or on your own network.

Why we use Firebird

We have been using InterBase since 1996 and made the switch to Firebird when version 1.5 came out. We have built systems that successfully handle hundreds of simultaneous users and millions of records without database failure or corruption. The minimal amount of database administration that is needed is also a big requirement for us.

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Users of Firebird