Location: Bangalore, India

Business sector: Developing Payroll, Time Attendance, & HRM software

website: www.lenvica.in


We are located in the IT capital of India, Bangalore. We are a leading software solutions providers in Payroll, Time Attendance and Human Resources Management. Our HRM product, Attend HRM is a powerful and flexible piece of software that integrates Payroll, Attendance, Leave, Project and other HRM modules. It can communicate with any Access Control or Time Attendance device. It can work for a small company with just one or two employees all the way up to large multi-location union organizations with complex union rules and several thousand employees.

Usage of Firebird

Firebird is being used in the Attend HRM Professional version as well as being the default database for the Enterprise version. In the professional version the embedded Firebird is being provided. For Enterprise users, we provide the sever edition of Firebird. Although Attend HRM can work with other databases, most of our existing clients opted to use Firebird for the Enterprise edition also, since we undertake the support for database.

Why we use Firebird

  1. Since the beginning of the project, Firebird has become our choice because of it’s simplicity and it's great open community support.
  2. Attend HRM software has been designed to support multilingual where Firebird comes with Unicode support.
  3. We allow clients to scale from the Professional edition to Enterprise edition where Firebird plays a crucial role by helping us to upgrade the database flawlessly.
  4. Finally Firebird is free and our clients are happy.

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Users of Firebird