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Location: St. Bat-Yam, Israel.

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DRoster is free employee scheduling software that the Kappix Team developed after we realized our need for this kind of software. We developed it for our internal needs but after seeing its benefits, we are now offering it to the public. The idea was to make the process of shift scheduling much easier than other existing software do. Kappix felt it was outrageous to have to pay for upgrading your employee scheduling software as your company grows. So our team also wanted to make DRoster scalable both in its ability to handle growing shift requirements up to unlimited shifts, and in its ability to handle complex workforce deployment needs.

All that at one affordable price. DRoster can handle unlimited number of employees, places and shifts. It has an internal rule-engine that, behind the scenes is based on Firebird's SQL and a rich set of out-of-the-box reports. Firebird matches DRoster employee scheduling software goals perfectly, providing our customers with the most cost-effective solution.

Usage of Firebird

Kappix uses Firebird as the storage platform for DRoster employee scheduling. Firebird is exclusively the only database that DRoster works with. DRoster has the ability to work as a stand alone or as a multi-user employee scheduling program thanks to this ability in Firebird.

Firebird is installed in every installation of DRoster. At the moment Firebird is being used by tens of thousands of DRoster employee scheduling software users!

Kappix does not use stored procedures but rather, we use script based scenarios that DRoster users write and then DRoster runs scripts, using Firebird to check the validation of users’ scheduling system. This gives unlimited freedom to our customers.

Why we use Firebird

Firebird is easy to install and practically requires zero maintenance. With Firebird, DRoster employee scheduling software can support small business scheduling needs as well as employee scheduling for corporations. It makes deployment easy.

Firebird is part of DRoster employee scheduling installation and the installation works smoothly. For the short time that we exist we haven't got even one complaint about Firebird (we did get remarks from our users about other parts of the software....none of them related to Firebird). Last but not least is the price of course: unbeatable. With so many advantages it makes good business sense and software sense to use Firebird.

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