Location: Ankara, Turkey

Business sector: Health

website: www.duzen.com.tr


Duzen Laboratories is the leading clinical laboratory in Turkey. The laboratory was accredited in 2004 by the Turkish Association of Accreditation. The Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology Departments and patient registration, sample collection, reporting of results, institutional facilities and the operating system as a whole are all accredited.

Usage of Firebird

Firebird has been used from the first version. The laboratory Information System database is running on Firebird. There are about 120 cuncurrent clients from desktop applications, web modules and automation systems. There are 250 tables, 200 stored procedures and 35 million test results. The database size is about 15gb.

Why we use Firebird

It's open source, which means you can deploy it anywhere at your own will, anytime without counting the number of users connecting to it. You don't have to think about the cost, licensing issues and plans. You don't have to ask and wait for approvement from the directors when you are going to install it or upgrade it.

Firebird uses minimal system resources.

Firebird is scalable. We have Firebird running on a Dell Server with 6 SCSI disks configured as raid 5+0 having a dual Xeon cpu and 24gb ram. The operating system is CentOs 5.5 64bit. We also have a Firebird server running on Win95 pc on a site that is only collecting samples.

Setting it up is easy and quick.

It doesn't need any management after deployment. Install and forget.

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Users of Firebird