Location: Manchester, United Kingdom.

Business sector: Small loans provider

website: ` <http://>`_


The company's business is providing small loans to customers for short terms (23 weeks) and then collect the loans and calculating interest on a weekly basis.

Usage of Firebird

The system is used for entering and maintaining all transactions for small loans (lending and collecting activities). The system also generates various useful reports, messages and letters manually and automatically. It also includes many usual tools and utilities. The system is a comprehensive and works like a standard "Banking System".

Why we use Firebird

I love Firebird because I can do almost everything I want to do with easy and simple programming - much less efforts comparing those Big Guns such as Oracle and MS SQL.

I have actually tried them but found no more advantages than Firebird except high cost.

I especially like ‘Triggers’ and ‘Store Procedures’ in Firebird as well as capability of ‘External Functions’

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Users of Firebird