Firebird Backup wide


Backup of commonly used database is an important task for data security. Similarly to planning backups of disks, directories or whole computers, regularly made database backups are very important as well.

Unlike common files (documents, pictures etc.) database files of relational databases (FireBird, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server) cannot be processed directly because of transaction management. Better result in case of direct copying database files is incomplete backup, the worse one leads to corruption of database file.

There is command‐line backup utility GBAK.EXE that can be used for processing backups. However, user interface of this programme is practically missing, nevertheless its using is only the right way to obtain backups in proper format.

Because of lack of suitable up‐to‐date backup solution on the market, YAMACO Software company decided to develop easy but comfortable application for all FireBird users.

Key features

  • unlimited number of databases for backup
  • backup for local and/or remote databases
  • unlimited number of different servers
  • backup of databases on Windows and Linux servers
  • options for setting backup time including choosing particular days
  • support for common backup options (via GBAK)
  • option for managing multiple backups for one database
  • logging every backup
  • optional ZIP compression of backups
  • optional transfer of backups to FTP server
  • graphic calendar of processed backup tasks
  • running as an application or as a service
  • configuration tool for setting a service
  • automatic restart of backup service after unexpected termination
  • automatic web update of product
  • detailed user guide

Supported platforms and Firebird versions

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (both 32 and 64 bit versions)
  • Firebird v2.x and newer


You can purchase the Firebird Database Backup tool from our store.

If you want to evaluate this utlitity before purchase, you can obtain functional 21-day trial version in free section of our store.

This tool is developed by YAMACO Software and IBPhoenix is ​​only a reseller.