AmaChing Assets

An asset register that also calculates the depreciation on your assets using either the straight line or the reducing balance method. Depreciation reports may be printed for any asset/assets or category of assets (or all of them) over any period. Supports multiple companies. (client-server, Firebird)


A document imaging and management application. Scan and save your entire companies files and documents. Very flexible. Supports any number of Types of Files and Types of Documents per file type. Multi-page documents supported. Security to the document level -let only those people see the documents in a file which they're allowed to. Very powerful -any number of users, any number of documents depending on your hardware. (multi-tier -very scalable, Firebird)


A program for generating quotes (pro-forma invoices) very quickly, easily and reliably. Let your entire sales department update item pricing, generate quotes and pull reports off a central database all at the same time. Prevent expensive mistakes on incorrect pricing. (client-server, Firebird)


A program for storing contact information. Stores all the information that is on a business card, and more. Per company saves the company contact info, contacts persons, products and notes. Search for any product and view the companies that supply that product. Let everyone in your company update contact information at the same time, prevent duplicate databases and out-dated information. (client-server, Firebird)


A program for generating orders. Let your entire buying department generate orders at the same time. Supports multiple companies, and unique order numbers per company. Print reports for total orders, per company, per supplier, etc, for any period. (client-server, Firebird)

If you are a company that resells application software with Firebird as part of the package, and you would like us to provide support to you and your customers, please contact us for further details.

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