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Bookstore and multimedia wholesale and point of sale systems

Develops bookstore and multimedia wholesale and point of sale systems, press distribution systems that operate on-line and perform immediate data-mining in order to provide instantaneous reports. All applications use Firebird database servers and have been running since the release of the Beta 0.94 in over thirty sites with more than 40 simultaneous and very active simultaneous connections to a single database.

Two versions of Firebird are used; Classic Server on a two-processor Linux system, and Superserver on Windows (98, NT4, 2000, and XP). Since the 0.94 Release of Firebird, none of our customers encountered a single database crash or error.

To give a technical idea of the complexity of the database structure, it consists presently of 170 tables, 180 Stored procedures, 136 triggers. Some of our customers used to have systems that embed Oracle. Firebird has provided them with matching or better performance, more flexibility as a result of hardware and software requirements, lower initial cost and especially lower cost of maintenance due to the zero administration required by Firebird.

If you are a company that resells application software with Firebird as part of the package, and you would like us to provide support to you and your customers, please contact us for further details.

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