WeightWatchers CD (Kaalujälgijate CD, Estonian)

WeightWatchers CD is meant for home-users who want to lose weight, using international WeightWatchers methods. It helps users to calculate their food-points and keep track of their goals. All data is stored in a Firebird database which is silently installed to client computers. Currently there are over 100 installations and no complaints about Firebird.

Meal Cost Analyzer (Toiduraha, Estonian)

This program is meant for schools and kindergartens to calculate the cost of meals. Program stores information about children's attendance, bought and used products and their cost. Program allows entry and maintence of each child's personalized attendance and meal cost report.

Building Maintenance (Elamuhaldus, Estonian)

Program allows the distribution of building maintenance costs between apartments by different parameters. Prints out monthly invoices for apartment owners.

If you are a company that resells application software with Firebird as part of the package, and you would like us to provide support to you and your customers, please contact us for further details.

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