firebird user wrote:

There seems to be contradictory information about maximum number of simultaneous distinct user connections to Firebird. The document How many users can connect to Firebird simultaneously? says there is not limit, except for the TCP/IP in the OS. However, on the download page of the Firebird home, it clearly lists the max number as fixed at : 2048

My app is stateful, must remain open for up to eight hours, and each user is distinct, so connection pooling is probably not the answer. (Each individual user's connection must be kept separate from each other). I need to serve 7,000 users. Should I forget about using Firebird for this app, and move to MS SQL Server?

Dmitry Yemanov answers:

The first article is a bit incorrect. Some TCP stack implementations operate with a compile-time connection limit. It was hardcoded as 1024 in early FB versions and as 2048 since v2.5.3. So yes, this limit is 2048, but it is actual only for SuperServer/SuperClassic builds and only for Windows. There's no connection limit for either Classic Server on Windows or any FB architecture on Linux/MacOS, so you have a choice.

Also I don't see any serious issues speaking against the connection pooling, this should be doable.

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