Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:

Example of Error message:

Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = @1
Column unknown
At line @1, column @2

When running the firebird client on the server, everything is correct. But when running the client on some windows system, I only get messages like above. No matter which client program I use.

I already tried reinstalling the client side.

Searching the web did not show me anything helpful, maybe someone here can help me out?

ivy answers:

I have faced such error message as well, and what I found out is that I have multiple GDS32.DLL located in my computer. I think somehow during my uninstallation of previous version of FireBird, it didn't get removed.

After I remove all outdated GDS32.DLL like those dated in year 2007, and remain the latest one, my system does not prompt such error already but prompting more meaningful messages.

Wolfgang Rohdewald adds:

Thanks, that was it!

In my case I forgot to copy the latest fbclient.dll over the single existing gds32.dll.

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