Anto wrote:

I have a Firebird server (FB 2.1, Superserver) on Wwindows OS with database file store on an external harddisk. There are about 5 users accessing this database.

I never try or have NAS, is it possible just to move Firebird db file from external hardisk to NAS?

If this is possible, can also anyone tell me roughly about read/write speed which one is better, NAS or external harddisk?

Currently, I am using 5400rpm harddisk, attached via USB 2.0.

I am planning to use WD My Cloud( cloud for personal/home), some review said that this NAS has about 50Mbps read/write speed on gigabits LAN, but i will only use it on 100 Mbps LAN.

Adrian Marius Popa answers:

WD my Cloud it enables smb/cifs protocol so a network share can be mapped as drive In Firebird 2.5.x is possible with RemoteFileOpenAbility 1 in the firebird.conf (With a few big warnings if you read the conf file) you need to take care only the Firebird server to have access to that NAS share (exclusive access)

I recommend an usb3.0/thunderbolt ssd drive for io speed. If you follow this benchmark:

"As you can see, performance with random IO operations shows ~8x better results for SSD drive. We knew from our experience with customers databases that SSD is 30-50% faster with real-word applications, but 8x increase is very high."

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