Tom Conlon wrote:

I've just run into a serious problem with the above

domainname= 16 characters
domainuser= firstname.lastname (common format) = 16 characters

so, grant arole to "domainnamedomainuser" fails (too long) In this case, the domainname is slightly longer than usual but this means that all domain user names would have to be limited to 15 characters. If they use the dot notation to separate first.last name then it becomes only 14 characters.

Paul Beach replied:

Currently the maximum is 31 characters (like any other Firebird identifier) and 15ch/15ch is usually the norm.

In Fireird 3 it will be possible to map - more or less like MS SQL does - logins (16/16 or even longer) to some internal name and then CURRENT_USER will be set to that internal name.

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