A. Sawyer wrote:

I currently use SphinxSE with MySQL, which essentially is Sphinx Full Text Search built into MySQL so I can do a "select" statement and pass all the parms for the Full Text Search. It works wonderfully, however I am switching my development tool to Morfik and I'm not sure Morfik is really going to work with MySQL as well as I need, so I am thinking of looking into FB. I would need Sphinx though for sure. I see where an old port of Sphinx was ported to FB, but don't know if anyone is going to do a new one, and/or if there is a better solution.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

Vlad Horsun answers:

I'm going to update my patch for Firebird support in Sphinx soon. BTW, this is already done by Thomas Woinke but i still have no time to verify his patch by myself :(

As for more tight integration of Sphinx with Firebird - i hope we will have it in FB3 using new External Engines facility.

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