Chau Chee Yang wrote:

I am using limited account in Windows Vista. I run 2 instances of fbserver.exe in application mode (e.g.: fbserver.exe -a). One instance is Firebird 1.5.5 and another is Firebird 2.1.2. Both version of instances show as tray icons.

I connect to a database using local protocol by 2.1.1 fbclient.dll and success.

However, I connect to a database using local protocol 1.5.5. fbclient.dll and it prompt "unavailable database".

If I run only one instance of fbserver each at a time, both connections success.

How do I configure my firebird (or firebird.conf) to:

  1. Run 1.5.5 and 2.1.2 as application at same time
  2. Able to connect to 1.5.5 and 2.1.2 application using local protocol by using correct version fbclient.dll at same time

Dimitry Sibiryakov answers:

Look at IpcName parameter in firebird.conf. They must differ. And, BTW, local protocol is not compatible between 1.5 and 2.1 - you must surely choose right client library.

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