ra8009 wrote:

If I'm installing Firebird on a single Windows machine is there any advantage to installing the server vs. the embedded version?

Helen Borrie answers:

Horses for courses. Each model has its own purposes.

The advantage of embedded is compactness and ease of installation and upgrading. It's a model for deploying a single-user package with no frills and no server-level authentication.

But... Develop with the full server version.

But if the user needs to run different applications over the same database simultaneously, or the database ever needs to be connected to across a LAN or WAN by e.g. a replication server, then embedded isn't an option.

You should read the release notes...that should help you understand why and how each embedded installation is unique for the application you're embedding it with.

Note that the embedded client and server have the same dependencies as the regular client and a full server. That means you do have to make sure that the Microsoft and ICU runtimes are available on the machine.

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