hanszorn2000 wrote:

In one of my databases I get this message (after a gfix): 'Index 7 is corrupt on page 354716 in table...' Now in my (still existing) optimism I suppose this could be cured by dropping the index and recreating it. I can not find anything about this anywhere... Am I right here?

And if this is the case, how do I find 'index 7'? Normally, indexes are referred to by names, constraints etc, is there a translation to these?

Ann W. Harrison answers:

Look at the system table rdb$indicies. Specifically use this query:

select rdb$index_name from rdb$indicies where
  rdb$relation_name = <table name> and
  rdb$index_id = <reported index number>

Helen Borrie answers:

Can I get rid of these problems by re-creating indexes, supposing I know which one?


Note that, if the index is a constraint index, you will need to drop and recreate the constraint, which may involve first dropping dependent constraints. Do I need to say, don't do any of this stuff on the sole copy of the database and don't do it when there are other connections.

You might also consider upgrading to v.1.5.4 as well.

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