grostoon wrote:

Sorry for what is probably a trivial question but can someone explain me some of the options of fbserver command. fbserver -h prints:

Firebird TCP/IP server options are:
-d           : debug on
-m           : multiclient - on
-s           : standalone - true
-i           : standalone - false
-t           : multithread - true  (non pc only)
-u           : multithread - false (pc only)
-t           : multithread (non pc only
-p : specify protocol
-h|? : print this help

(The following -e options used to be -h options)
-e   : set firebird_root path
-el   : set runtime firebird_lock dir
-em   : set firebird_msg dir path
-z   : print version


  • what is this standalone mode ?
  • what is the multiclient mode ? I believed fbserver was always able to handle mutiple clients in parallel...
  • what is this -u option ? I believed fbserver was always muti-threaded?

Dmitry Yemanov answers:

Although these options are shown for superserver and not for classic server, the truth is actually exactly opposite. Superserver ignores all the above switches and implies: multi-client + multi-thread + standalone. Contrary, classic server is single-client and single-threaded by default.

  • what is this standalone mode ?

Ability to listen the socket instead of [x]inetd and spawn child server processes or threads (they're considered running in a not standalone mode).

  • what is the multiclient mode ?

Specifies maximum number of clients to serve for the standalone mode: -m

  • what is this -u option ?

In theory, it should switch between a pool of working threads and dedicated thread/process per client connection. But as fb_inet_server on POSIX is built without threading support, I think this switch cannot work properly.

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