Dalton Calford wrote:

I need to know the row count/table size limits.

Ann W. Harrison answers:

Prior to Firebird 2, the record number is a 32 bit integer, so there's a hard limit of 4G of records. However, the record name space is not dense - part of it is the number of records on a page which varies in life, but is fixed as a portion of the record number. The fixed portion is enough to allow a full page of zero length records.

Regardless of your page size, if your average stored data length is 10 bytes, you can store 2,704,238,667 records. With a data length of 50 bytes you can store 1,089,767,821 records. With a data length of 100 bytes you can store 624,055,077 records.

The stored size of data is not the same as the original size, due to compression.

V2 has a forty bit record number. Eight more bits makes all the difference in the world.

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