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Firebird 3 is using a new method to validate users on the server. As such a direct upgrade of security database is impossible.

The following procedure will let you keep your Firebird 2.x users and and all their related information (firstname, lastname, etc.) except the existing password. New passwords will be generated randomly.


The SYSDBA user is not affected, it will remain the same as it was after the execution of the upgrade procedure.

In the commands below replace 'masterkey' with your actual SYSDBA password as appropriate for your Firebird server.

In firebird 2.5 backup your security database:

gbak -user sysdba -pas masterkey -b {host/path}security2.fdb security.fbk

In Firebird 3 restore a copy of your 2.x security database:

gbak -user sysdba -pas masterkey -c security.fbk {host/path}security2x

Then run the users upgrade sql script:

isql -user sysdba -pas masterkey -i security_database.sql {host/path}security2x

"security2x" is a sample database name, you may use any other if you wish.

The upgrade script will create users with new random passwords and display them. You will then need to let your users know what their new passwords are.

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