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Firebird Japanese Users Association Start-up Group


Organize the Firebird Japanese Users Association Start-up Group to prepare the launch of the official association in April 2004. To support and expand the developer community and users for Firebird in Japan.

The Firebird Japanese Users Association Start-up Group today announced that it was starting preparation to launch the official Firebird Japanese Users Association in April 2004. The group has already had several meetings to discuss the purpose of the association and how to expand the number of Firebird developers and the Firebird user community in Japan.

  • The Firebird Japanese Users Association Start-up Group has been created.
  • The firebird-jp-general mailing list has been available on Yahoo eGroups from April 21st 2003.
  • On May 31st 2003, active members on the mailing list had an official meeting (at the Timeintermedia inc. conference room Ichigaya Tokyo).
  • We agree to organize the start-up group to prepare and take leadership for launching the official association next April.

The group has discussed the directives and position of the association and we plan to have our second official meeting in middle of July.

  • Mr. Daiju Kato, famous Firebird and InterBase technical writer and developer in Japan, joins the group as senior adviser.
  • The Start-up Group acquires domain as their official web site.
  • We have enlisted volunteer, both individuals, non-profit organizations and commercial companies to keep on expanding and encouraging Firebird community in Japan.
  • We hope many Firebird users and developers will join our community to increase success for Firebird in Japan.

Firebird is a relational database being developed by the community centered around the FirebirdSQL Foundation. It is the open source RDBMS originally derived from InterBase (Borland ).

Worldwide users, especially Europe, Russian, Central and South America use it for both commercial and non-commercial use.

It is licensed by under IPL( InterBase Public License) an MPL derivative.

Firebird Japan User Association Start-up Group Members:

Representative:Tsutomu Hayashi - Apex Ltd. / FirebirdSQL Foundation member
Assistant:Representative Kouichi Takeda - PSNetwork
Web Administrator:
 Shue Miula - DipMeshSystems
Member:Minoru Yoshida - TimefulSystem Inc.
Member:Yasushi Higuchi - Vigor Ltd.
Member:Sadao Kondou - DennouKenkyujo Inc.
Member:Satoshi Sirai - Tokyo
Member:Eiji Miyazoe - Kanagawa
Member:Shigeki Hosaka - Kanagawa
Member:Yukio Makino - Tokyo
Member:Nobuhiro Kinoshita - Kanagawa
Member:ENDO Yasuyuki - Time Intermedia Corporation
Senior Advisor:Daiju Kato

Contact Details

Press: Tsutomu Hayashi

Firebird Japanese Users Association Start up Group Web site: (Available from June 15th 2003)

Office of the Firebird Japanese Users Association Start-up Group:
C/O Apex Ltd.
Dai-2 Syu-Ka-En Bld.4F,
2-11-3 Komazawa,

Telephone: 81-3-5431-1711
Fax: 81-3-5431-1712

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Daiju Kato