FBUpkeep wide

FBUPKEEP is a Python library that provides a task executor engine, and a command-line tool to execute the tasks. Its primary purpose is to run maintenance tasks for Firebird servers and databases, but it could be easily extended to run other tasks of various types.

Built-in tasks:

  • Logical (gbak) database backup and restore.
  • Database sweep.
  • Collection of database statistics (gstat).
  • Update of index statistics in the database.
  • Rebuilding of user indices in the database.
  • Removal of old files.

FBUpkeep is designed to run on Python 3.5+, and uses the FDB Firebird driver.

For full details about FBUpkeep's functionality and usage see the FBUpkeep Documentation.

Availability and Licensing

FBUpkeep is distributed under a MIT Open Source license, and is available directly from PyPI (so it can be installed directly via the Python pip tool).