Miscellaneous Tools for Firebird

IB LogManager Windows

The IB LogManager Product Family is a suite of tools which helps you to keep track of data changes in your InterBase and Firebirdtm database. But, it's more than simply integrating a logging/auditing mechanism in your InterBaseĀ® and Firebirdtm database, because the available Addon's will help you to manage and to process log data in different ways.

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InterBase Description tool Windows

IBDesc helps you to describe the structure of your database. It creates a nice HTML report which you can configure in a wide range.

With IBDesc you can edit the description of the following database items:

  • Tables and Views
  • Fields
  • Stored procedures
  • Procedure parameters

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GLink Windows

Simple command-line utility that will allow moving multi-file databases to a new location without requiring a backup/restore. Currently only available for Windows, however the source code is included, so if you compile it on other platforms can you let us know, so it can be added to this download section.


Port Guardian Linux

Port Guardian is a Linux GTK program with a GUI to monitor the Firebird Database Server and its databases, its checks if the databases are in operation (dead/alive/up/down) and listens/monitors/records tcp packets on the Firebird TCPIP port.

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FBProfiler Windows / Linux

Firebird 2.5 required

Monitor and trace the Firebird activity on Windows and Linux. Let the DBAs to get the traces and send them to you when you can't access to production server. Watch queries durations and plans.


FBCompare Windows

Firebird Compare scans two databases (Master and Child) and highlights any differences between them, and provides the necessary SQL to rectify the differences.

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FirebirdDbComparer Multiplatform

FirebirdDbComparer is pure managed .NET library that allows you to compare two Firebird databases and then produce an alter script to synchronise the target database structure to the same as the source databases structure.

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