IBReplicator 5.0

There are two items you need in order to run IBReplicator:

  1. The Replication Manager (latest), which runs on any 32-bit Windows platform. Or you can use the command line configuration tool on Linux or 64-bit Windows.
  2. The Replication Server, which is different for each Operating System.

The 32-bit Windows Replication Server and Manager installation contains the Replication Manager executable, as well as all help files and documentation. The Replication Server is available for Windows 32-bit, 64-bit and Linux - Other platforms are possible, but you would need to ask.


You will need to install an Evaluation License (see readme.txt) in order to evaluate the product, and you will then need to buy licenses in order to enable the product for a production environment.

Request Evaluation Licence:


Please download the latest Replication Server and Manager for Windows, and then the Server of your choice. IBReplicator V4.x supports all versions of InterBase V5+, Firebird, Oracle V9+ as well as replication via ODBC.

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   * - Date
     - Filename
     - Size
     - Description
   * - 16th May 2016
     - `IBPReplicatorSetup-5.0.0-Win32.zip </files/IBPReplicatorSetup-5.0.0-Win32.zip>`_
     - 4.2 Mb
     - Replication Server and Manager for Windows (32-bit)
   * - 18th Jul 2016
     - `IBPReplicatorSetup-5.0.0-Win64.zip </files/IBPReplicatorSetup-5.0.0-Win64.zip>`_
     - 1.3 Mb
     - Replication Server for Windows (64-bit)
   * - 18th Jul 2016
     - `IBPReplicator-5.0.0.i686.tar.gz </files/IBPReplicator-5.0.0.i686.tar.gz>`_
     - 0.7 Mb
     - Replication Server for Linux (32-bit)
   * - 18th Jul 2016
     - `IBPReplicator-5.0.0.x86_64.tar.gz </files/IBPReplicator-5.0.0.x86_64.tar.gz>`_
     - 0.7 Mb
     - Replication Server for Linux (64-bit)
   * - 18th Jul 2016

: - IBPReplicator50.pdf : - 5.3 Mb : - Documentation in PDF format.


If you plan to use the new version of IBReplicator, please take copies of your configuration databases before installing. The Replication Manager will automatically upgrade old configuration databases on opening.


If you use Firebird with IBReplicator, you should probably install Firebird so it is NOT using "Generate Client library as GDS32.dll for Legacy app" and is using fbclient.dll. This allows IBReplicator to take advantage of the some of the more advanced Firebird features. Use the fbclient.dll with versions of Firebird V1.5+.


IBReplicator V3.x introduced new license keys, which are incompatible with old pre V3.x keys. Upgrades to new keys for IBReplicator V3.x can be bought via the online shop at 25% of the normal cost. Providing we have proof of purchase of the original keys.