High performance native replication for Firebird 3.0


You will need to install an IBReplicator Evaluation License (see readme.txt) in order to evaluate the product, and you will then need to buy licenses in order to enable the product for a production environment.

Request Evaluation Licence:


Please download the latest Replication Server and Manager for Windows (32bit), and then the Avalerion Server of your choice.

Avalerion for Firebird 3.0.4
Date Filename Size Description
20th Jan 2018 IBPReplicatorSetup-5.0.5-Win32.zip 4.2 Mb Replication Server and Manager for Windows (32-bit)
17th Oct 2018 Avalerion- 8.8 Mb Avalerion for Windows (32-bit)
17th Oct 2018 Avalerion- 9.5 Mb Avalerion for Windows (64-bit)
17th Oct 2018 Avalerion- 6.9 Mb Avalerion for Linux (32-bit)
5th Nov 2018 Avalerion- 7.3 Mb Avalerion for Linux (64-bit)
18th Jul 2016 IBPReplicator50.pdf 5.3 Mb Documentation in PDF format.


Avalerion (above) does not include the CDC plugin, you must copy these files from IBReplicator's installation plugins subdirectory into Avalerion's plugins subdirectory).

To use Avalerion with IBReplicator, configure the replication schema from "File" to whatever and then set the same directory as "Output Directory" for the CDC plugin as the "Inbound Directory" for replicator. If automatic registration of tables is enabled and the databases have the same metadata structure, no further schema configuration is required.

More details on the installation and setup can be found here or please read the doc/README.Replication.txt

Support Forum

A Discussion list for discussing, getting support on, reporting bugs and problems etc is available for IBReplicator users to subscribe to..


You will need an ordinary IBReplicator Server License to enable the plug-in.