Simple, One Click Build of Vulcan on Windows with MSVC7

From Ann Harrison on the Firebird Development List 30th December 2004

The Vulcan build procedures have been changed a bit, leading to confusion. Several new projects are included, then name of the engine has changed from engine8 to engine11 to reflect the current ODS, etc.

  1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio 7.
  2. Checkout the Vulcan sources.
  3. Define the following environmental variables:
    • ISC_USER - I used SYSDBA
    • ISC_PASSWORD - masterkey
    • VULCAN - <source root>/install
  4. Install Bison, starting from here.
  5. Add the following directories to the PATH environmental variable
    • <source root>/install/bin
    • <bison install directory>/bin
  6. Run the script boot_copy.bat from the <source root> directory.
  7. Set up the solution file
    • Copy the file <source root>/builds/VisualStudio7/Vulcan/Vulcan.sln.template to <source root>/builds/VisualStudio7/Vulcan/Vulcan.sln
  8. Start Visual Studio.
  9. Open the solution file <source root>/builds/VisualStudio7/Vulcan/vulcan.sln
  10. In the Visual Studio/Tools menu, pick Options/Projects, then Visual C++ files. If the list does not include <source root>/install/bin and <bison install directory>/bin, add them.
  11. In the Visual Studio build menu, choose Build Solution.

The build is one click, once you've got the tools installed and identified.