Vulcan Status February 2004

From Jim Starkey on the Firebird Development List 27th February 2004

Vulcan is currently pretty much operational on Solaris 64. I haven't tested it extensively, but it does a successfully gbak and a do a QLI print of the help database (this is traditionally known as "printing yachts").

While not all the dsql entrypoints are filled in, the components now working are:

  • Dispatch (Y-valve)
  • Remote (remote provider)
  • Engine8 (Firebird 2.0 engine as of mid-December)
  • qli
  • isql
  • gbak
  • gpre
  • config

The engine is now built with pre-processed modules without relation and field ids, so the core system table idea is in place and working.

There is also a new utility, config, to help cope with configuration files. Depending on switches, config can:

  • Trace configuration files
  • Echo expanded configuration files
  • Show the "installation directory"
  • Show the translation process for a given database string including the loadability of designated provider library in the final transaction step.

I'm currently working on sorting out internal stuff from the client library to reduce the amount of crud the providers need to carry around. Next step is probably taming error handling before starting the multi-thread conversion.