JayBird - Java Driver for Firebird

The JayBird JCA/JDBC driver is distributed free of charge under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Text of the license can be obtained here.


JayBird 2.2.4
Date Filename Size Description
7th Dec 2013 Jaybird-2.2.4-src.zip 9.8 Mb Source code
7th Dec 2013 Jaybird-2.2.4-JDK_1.8.zip 7.7 Mb Zip for Java 8/JDBC 4.2
7th Dec 2013 Jaybird-2.2.4-JDK_1.7.zip 7.6 Mb Zip for Java 7/JDBC 4.1
7th Dec 2013 Jaybird-2.2.4-JDK_1.6.zip 7.5 Mb Zip for Java 6/JDBC 4.0
7th Dec 2013 Jaybird-2.2.4-JDK_1.5.zip 7.4 Mb Zip for Java 5/JDBC 3.0

Jaybird for Android

JayBird for Android
Date Filename Size Description
25th Dec 2013 Jaybird2_2_4.tar.bz2 1.8 Mb bz2