High performance native replication for Firebird 3.0.

Encryption plugin for Firebird 3.0

Encryption plugin - More information.

Pre-ODS 12 provider for Firebird 3.0

IBPhoenix have a pre-ODS 12 provider for Firebird 3.0 that will allow Firebird 3.0 to access Firebird 2.x databases. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about it.

Support for 64 bit Transaction Id's

IBPhoenix have a version of Firebird 2.5 that supports 64 bit Transaction Ids. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about it.

Developer DVD #27 - June 2016

A complete Firebird package: IBPhoenix is shipping its twenty seventh Developer DVD.

This Developer DVD contain's the python tool FBMon as well as the latest version of the The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Edition II (upto date to Firebird 2.5) as well as binaries for all the latest builds and installs for Firebird (2.0.x. 2.1.x, 2.5.x and 3.0) plus all the other Firebird related software. The DVD also contains other documentation, drivers, tools, and source code. Also included on the DVD is an application that allows a user to browse and search their own copy of the Firebird support and developer archive lists.

About the DVD · Order your own copy · About FBMon · About the book

The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Ed. II

by Helen Borrie

The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Edition II is now availble directly from IBPhoenix in both a three volume printed book format, Volume 1: Firebird Fundamentals, Volume 2: Developing with Firebird Data and Volume 3: Administering Firebird Servers and Databases. and also in electronic format (e-book) on the Developer DVD or as an immediate download. It covers Firebird upto V2.5.

Firebird Goodies

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Firebird Conference 2016 - Papers.

Two talks from Jiri Cincura, developer of Firebird .NET driver.

How to implement the full-text search using only PSQL

Firebird at the moment does not have native support for full-text search. So you are either out of luck or you have to use syntax using the LIKE or CONTAINING expressions. Luckily if you lower the bar a little (what features the search has to cover) and focus on core functionality, it is possible to create a very fast full-text search using only fairly simple PSQL and some out-of-the-box thinking. Production examples will be included.

What's new in Firebird.NET Provider

With the release of Firebird 3.0 a lot has changed in .NET provider. Some features from Firebird 3 are already supported now and there are also a lot of changes and improvements in other areas. This session will walk you through most of these improvements and changes and will show you how to use these and show how these work in Firebird and how you can benefit from using them.


Firebird Conference 2016 - Papers.

Philippe Makowski, the maintainer of Linux packages for Firebird and the vice-president of Firebird Foundation, will present 2 topics at the Firebird Conference 2016:

Firebird SQL best practices

This session will be devoted to the review of SQL features available in Firebird that people often forget about: Merge, Common Table Expressions, Window Functions, etc. There will be a special focus on how to emulate a loose index scan using a recursive CTE. The term "loose index scan" is used in other databases for the operation of using a b-tree index to retrieve the distinct values of a column efficiently, rather than scanning all equal values of a key, as soon as a new value is found, restart the search by looking for a larger value. This is much faster when the index has many equal keys.

Managing Firebird with Ansible

This session will cover the topics listed below: General information about configuration management and benefits of using configuration management tools Ansible overview and advantages of Ansible compared to other configuration management tools Basics of Ansible such as roles, tasks, handlers, modules, playbooks etc Information about the Ansible Firebird module (a preview of this new module) and its usage with some examples. A playbook example using the Firebird module, covering managing Firebird Databases on AWS systems, RedHat, Debian, Mageia hosts, and Windows hosts.


MariaDB open-source credentials take a hit on ITWire.


Mark Rotteveel just published Jaybird 3.0.0-alpha-1 for testing. He would appreciate if you could start testing your applications with this version and provide feedback on stability and behaviour, but also on the release notes.

Jaybird 3.0 is a big change from Jaybird 2.2 and earlier. We have rewritten the entire low-level implementation to be able to support protocol improvements in newer Firebird versions, we have made changes with a stricter interpretation of the JDBC requirements, and we have removed some parts that were either obsolete or not functioning correctly.

We recommend that you do not consider Jaybird 3.0 a drop-in replacement for Jaybird 2.2, and study the release notes carefully. The release files are on github.

Jaybird 3.0 Alpha 1 is available from Maven central

Groupid: org.firebirdsql.jdbc, Artifactid: jaybird-jdkXX (where XX is 17 or 18). Version: 3.0.0-alpha-1

For example:


If your application is deployed to a Java EE application server, you will need to exclude the javax.resource:connector-api dependency, and add it as a provided dependency:


If you want to use Type 2 support (native, local or embedded), you need to explicitly include JNA 4.2.2 as a dependency:



Firebird Conference 2016 - Papers.

We are beginning to publish the talks that will be presented at the Firebird Conference 2016. Book your place there now!

Introduction to CloudaIDE

((A Web Framework requiring only database programming skills) by Wiesław Poszewiecki, CloudaIDE.

Dragging and dropping database objects from the datasource browser to quickly create screen layout with database bound controls. Easy ways to achieve arbitrarily complex master detail structures of the screen data. Undo-redo, drag ad drop, cut and paste. Property lists.

Innovative lists of values acting also as data entry forms and means of navigation through interrelated data. Innovative menus that integrate breadcrumbs and ordinary menus. Out of the box Query By Example mechanism. Client side programming language as an easy to grasp subset of PL/SQL. Used to program user interaction and remotely call stored procedures.

Techniques and design recommendations to detect and prevent an attack. Client and server side session state components. Pooled database connections as a means to reduce server load. Scalability and reliability by reducing network traffic and the database server load. Incremental data transfer between client and server. Single page architecture. Locking strategies.

Automation of all the development steps including deployment of the application to the integrated test web server. Pre-configured web server.

Free use of CloudaIDE for FirebirdSQL based development and deployment. The project site is http://cloudaide.org