Developer DVD #24 - September 2014

A complete Firebird package: IBPhoenix is now shipping its twenty fourth Developer DVD.

The Developer DVD contain's the leatest version of the The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Edition II (upto date to Firebird 2.5) as well as binaries for all the latest builds and installs for Firebird (1.0.x, 1.5.x, 2.0.x. 2.1.x and 2.5.x) plus all the other Firebird related software. The DVD also contains other documentation, drivers, tools, and source code. Also included on the DVD is an application that allows a user to browse and search their own copy of the Firebird support and developer archive lists.

More details about the DVD · Order your own copy · About the book

The Firebird Language Reference

The Firebird Project is pleased to announce that the Firebird 2.5 Language Reference is now available in Russian. It can be downloaded via the Firebird SQL documentation page.

Why is it only available in Russian? Moscow Exchange, one of the biggest Firebird users in the world, and IBSurgeon sponsored the documentation development in their native language as well as using the Russian speaking Firebird core developers to oversee the work and ensure its quality.

The next step is to extend this documentation to cover Firebird 3.0's new features, on which work is already taking place. However this work is also in Russian.

In order to translate the Firebird Language Reference into English, the Firebird Documentation Project needs additional funds.

It needs approximately $7000.00 US Dollars to translate almost 500 pages of Firebird documentation into English using a professional translation service, to ensure the quality of translation.

To get the Firebird 2.5 and 3.0 Language Reference in English in the first quarter of 2015, please help the Firebird Project now with a donation via PayPal

All money donated will be used translate the Firebird documentation and, if the $7000.00 amount is exceeded, the money will then be used for further development of other sections of the documentation e.g. the "Firebird Operations Guide" etc.

The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Ed. II

by Helen Borrie

The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Edition II is now availble directly from IBPhoenix in both a three volume printed book format, Volume 1: Firebird Fundamentals, Volume 2: Developing with Firebird Data and Volume 3: Administering Firebird Servers and Databases. and also in electronic format (e-book) on the Developer DVD or as an immediate download. It covers Firebird upto V2.5.

Firebird Goodies

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Now you can!

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