High performance native replication for Firebird 3.0.

Encryption plugin for Firebird 3.0

Encryption plugin - More information.

Pre-ODS 12 provider for Firebird 3.0

IBPhoenix have a pre-ODS 12 provider for Firebird 3.0 that will allow Firebird 3.0 to access Firebird 2.x databases. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about it.

Support for 64 bit Transaction Id's

IBPhoenix have a version of Firebird 2.5 that supports 64 bit Transaction Ids. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about it.

Developer DVD #27 - June 2016

A complete Firebird package: IBPhoenix is shipping its twenty seventh Developer DVD.

This Developer DVD contain's the python tool FBMon as well as the latest version of the The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Edition II (upto date to Firebird 2.5) as well as binaries for all the latest builds and installs for Firebird (2.0.x. 2.1.x, 2.5.x and 3.0) plus all the other Firebird related software. The DVD also contains other documentation, drivers, tools, and source code. Also included on the DVD is an application that allows a user to browse and search their own copy of the Firebird support and developer archive lists.

About the DVD · Order your own copy · About FBMon · About the book

The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Ed. II

by Helen Borrie

The Firebird Book: a Reference for Database Developers - Edition II is now availble directly from IBPhoenix in both a three volume printed book format, Volume 1: Firebird Fundamentals, Volume 2: Developing with Firebird Data and Volume 3: Administering Firebird Servers and Databases. and also in electronic format (e-book) on the Developer DVD or as an immediate download. It covers Firebird upto V2.5.

Firebird Goodies

Want your own Firebird T-Shirt or Polo Shirt to impress your friends and advertise your favourite open source database?

Now you can!

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Brexit at the next junction: Verity's guide to key post-vote skills, by Verity Stob on The Register.


Better connection profile for Firebird in Database .NET 19.5 and dbMigration .NET 3.7.


SQL Maestro Group announces the release of Firebird PHP Generator V16.9.


Adriano dos Santos Fernandes:

"I created a branch for the C++11 usage proposal. The branch is not for active development, it’s just so others can play, test and discuss.

The features are described here

I didn’t found explicit mentioning support of the function features per compiler, but seems very basic feature for lambdas so I put it there.

I tested clang++ 3.8.0, g++ 5.4.0 and MSVC 14".


Firebird Conference 2016 - Papers

Featured speaker: Jason Wharton, IBObjects

Optimizing queries and transactions

This session will demonstrate how to make effective use of queries and transactions so that your application has reliable record locking as well as smooth performance. There are some potential traps developers can fall into that I will identify and help you avoid.

This session will provide a good overview of the various approaches to interacting with your database. Direct transaction control, cached updates and multi-tier approaches will be discussed. I will also address proper use of generators/sequences and show how to provide an auditable sequence that is multi-user friendly.